How to buy Bitcoins Online and with Cash Guide

I created this guide because there wasn't any good complete guides available demonstrating the best current methods to acquire bitcoin. I was also disgusted at how many places I found online charging ridiculous fees. Read this guide to avoid overpaying for bitcoins and discover the best rates available.

Look at how much money this company is charging people to buy bitcoins, it's quiet outrages how some companies get away with it because people fail to double check the current market value of bitcoin and assume they are getting a fair exchange which most of the time is not the case.

Step 1: Create your Bitcoin Wallet

Before you can purchase any bitcoins, you need a wallet to hold them! Currently, the most popular and reliable free bitcoin wallets are and A typical bitcoin wallet address is 34 characters long. Make sure you take essential steps to secure your bitcoin wallet such as SMS 2-factor authentication, this means you will need to verify via text each time you login which can prevent someone from stealing your bitcoins.

Step:2(a) How to buy Bitcoins Cheap and Safe Online

Buy with confidences from the biggest bitcoin exchange online located in the San francisco Bay Area. This company offers some of the cheapest rates available. New members receive $10.00 worth of bitcoins FREE! is another option that is fast and reliable. There is a $10.00 fee however no ID is required to buy your first $150.00 of bitcoins. is located in Slovakia and offers very competitive rates. You may purchase up to $150.00 worth of bitcoins before having to submit an ID.

Accepts Paypal, Debit, Credit, and Bank accounts for Payment.

Free $10.00 worth of bitcoins for joining

Can buy up to $50.00 worth of bitcoins before having to upload your ID

Receive instant Bitcoins

Accepts only Debit or Credit Cards

$10.00 processing fee

Can buy up to $150.00 worth of BTC before having to upload your ID.

Receive instant bitcoins

Step 2(b): How to Buy Bitcoins Locally Cheap and Safe

If your located in one of the big cities such as San Francisco or New York chances are they're Bitcoin Atms near you that can sell and buy bitcoin with cash! Another huge website used to arrange local Bitcoin transactions peer to peer is Their feedback system allows you to view who's trustworthy.

Step 2(c): How to Buy Bitcoins With Gift Cards

Paxful makes it possible to turn your gift cards into bitcoins. Buy your bitcoins instantly with Paxful at different rates set among different BTC sellers. A vast select of payments are accepted for bitcoins. Paypal, Western union, Amazon gift cards, Venmo and 300 other payment options.

Keeping Track Of Why its Wise to Buy Bitcoin Now

We follow the news about Bitcoins daily and any worth mentioning to support its longevity growth will be posted here. If you were smart enough to take the steps on finding out how to buy bitcoins then give yourself a pat on the back because now you have the knowledge to get into this digital gold rush.

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