Best Bitcoin Wallet in 2018

Save yourself some time with our research on the best bitcoin wallet in 2018. We tried many of these wallets for ourselves and can recommend and for beginners. I learned a lot putting this list together. Not all Bitcoin wallets are the same. Find out the advantages of each bitcoin wallet with our list below.

Top 10 Best Bitcoin wallets for Android in January 2018

Ranked Bitcoin Wallet Website Overall Rating
on the play store
#1 best bitcoin wallet
    Buy and sell
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Litecoin
  • Ether
  • Withdraw money to bank account.
  • Price alerts.
  • Back up wallet with a 12 word phrase.
  • Ability to lower sending fees.
  • Import paper wallet.
  • Advanced Two-Factor Authentication.
  • PIN security setting.
  • De-centralized peer to peer wallet.
  • No registration required.
  • View Bitcoin amount in BTC, mBTC and µBTC.
  • Bitcoin wallet address book.
  • Sweep paper wallets.
  • Access and control over Private keys.
  • Spend from your hardware wallet feature.
  • Compatiable with paper wallets, private keys and master seeds.
  • No segwit
  • Holds Bitcoin, Ethereum, and major Altcoins.
  • Ability to exchange your cyrptocurrency.
  • 200 natively ETH supported tokens Example: OmiseGo (OMG)
  • Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet (BIP44) Secure by a unique super phrase.
  • You control your private keys.
  • Supports bitcoin cash
  • Can buy Bitcoin
  • Supports bitcoin & bitcoin cash.
  • Control over your private keys.
  • Dynamic transaction fees.
  • Master seed backup.
  • Enable 2-factor-authentication
  • Convert bitcoin into dollars with a bitpay Visa card.
  • Buy and sell bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin & Bitcoin cash supported.
  • Supports holding over 30+ cyrptocurrencies.
  • Coins are store in a cold storage.
  • Email confirmation option for transactions.
  • Notification via email if balance changes.
  • Ability to share finances securely with multisignature wallets.
  • Ability to track spending and control allowances.
  • Private keys are stored locally.
  • Unit denomination in BTC or bits.

Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallet in 2018

We reviewed one of the most popular hardware bitcoin wallets called Trezor, translated into vault in Slavic. We see if lives up to the hype. The typical cryptocurrency beginner will start off with one of the apps above. However, the need for a more secured bitcoin wallet became essential when people started to get hack for their bitcoins.

A few years ago in 2011 Mtgox got hacked and lost 460 million dollars worth of its customers cryptocurrencies. It was one of the biggest bitcoin trading platform during that time. I myself experienced losing bitcoins from a hack because I visited a phishing website by accident. Its recommended bookmarking the website you buy and sell bitcoin to avoid accidentally visiting a phishing website. A pishing website pretends to be the website you're trying to reach and can capture your login information.

Hardware bitcoin wallets were the answer to creating a more secure bitcoin wallet. The best bitcoin wallet for security is a hardware wallet because it requires the phsycial touch of your device to access the cyrptocurrency.

Safely secure your bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and more with the Trezor hardware Bitcoin wallet. This wallet was designed to protect your outgoing transactions with an extra layer of authenication.

One of the most common way to lose your bitcoins is via a keylogger. This hardware bitcoin wallet prevents a keylogger from being able to capture your keys with a keypad that is randomized during each time your prompted to enter your pin on Trezor.

What if I lose my hardware bitcoin wallet? Trezor has a brilliant recovery feature that is BIP39 and BIP44 standard, this means you can recover your wallet with other compatible wallets using your 24-word recovery passphrase.

We found more positive reviews on Amazon then we did negative. While checking out the second most popular hardware bitcoin wallet called the ledger nano s we discovered more negative reviews than positives.

Trevor Hardware Bitcoin Wallet Review

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