People want to buy bitcoin but first, you must learn how to buy bitcoin with a debit card without high fees. Unfortunately, they’re many places trying to take advantage and charge high fees to those who want to purchase bitcoins. After many hours of research, I have compiled a list of the best bitcoin exchange rates with a debit card. We will start off with the most cost-efficient place to buy bitcoins with a debit card. Not all rates are the same with some being rather high. While purchasing bitcoins from these bitcoin exchanges I had both good and bad experiences. Save your time and learn from my mistakes to avoid paying ridiculously unfair high fees. This how to buy bitcoins guide was made for the beginner in mind and will cover all of the basic steps needed to sign up and buy bitcoin with a debit card.

Learn how to Buy bitcoins with a debit card without high fees

Now that bitcoin has become more popular it's now easier to purchase bitcoin with a debit card. I have compiled a list that begins with the most affordable, simplistic, and trustworthy bitcoin exchanges.

Buy Bitcoins Cheap in 2017 - Rates

Bitcoin exchange Debit Card Fee Buying Limit before ID verification 3.99% $150 5% $200
Paxful 7%+ Depends on Seller 7.5% $5000
Localbitcoins 10%+ $47,795.82

How to buy bitcoins with using your debit card

First on our list is because of how simple it is to purchase bitcoins using your debit card with them. There is a standard 4% processing fee with the purchase of your bitcoin, this is one of the lowest available online. Also, take into consideration will have limitations to how much bitcoins can be bought before you have to provide them with various identification documents and government ID. Coinbase is located in San Francisco California and is one of the most popular Bitcoin exchanges in the world. An ID verification is required to increase your buying limits beyond the first $150.00. Prepaid debit cards are not acceptable. Purchase using the app or their website. Bitcoin purchased using a debit card is instant. You will receive your money via your coinbase wallet.

Step 1: Click onto buy/sell to add your debit card

After you add your debit card you can select it as a payment to purchase bitcoins with Check your cryptocurrency balance by clicking on accounts.

Bitcoins purchased with a debit card on will be available within minutes. There is a buying limit of $150.00 before you have to provide a government ID to verify your identity. Coinbase is available on the Google Playstore and the Apple app store for free.

How to buy bitcoins with allows you to purchase $150.00 worth of bitcoins before you need to provide identification. There is a 5% flat rate fee to purchase bitcoin with your debit card.

A Visa or Master card is acceptable to buy bitcoins. Its very important to make sure the name of your account matches the name on your debit card.

how to buy bitcoins with coinmama

You need to provide your wallet address. Coinmama does not provide you with one, they do recommend We also recommend as our number one bitcoin wallet.

After you enter your bitcoin wallet address the next step is entering your debit card information. At this next part, your presented with the total amount due including fees. The total amount of bitcoin being purchased is presented at the bottom right. Make sure to plug this into a BTC/USD Converter to understand how much USD worth of bitcoin your receiving.

How to Buy bitcoins with Paxful

Paxful offers more than 300 methods to purchase bitcoins. The cheapest way to buy bitcoins with Paxful is via money gram or Paymer. Additional payment methods accepted are cash in person, amazon gift cards, and many more.

Unforunately, the fee to use a debit or credit card is as high as 42%. Buy bitcoins instantly with a debit card requires an ID on Paxful. Try and avoid using a debit card and instead use one of there many other payments for a cheaper rate.

You need to provide your wallet ID to paxful to recieve your bitcons. Paxful does not offer you a wallet. We recommend either coinbase or

Buy bitcoins with

Buy up to $10,000 worth of bitcoin on for a 7.5% fee. You must enter your bitcoin wallet address before entering your debit card, if you do not have a bitcoin wallet you can download one from There are other bitcoin wallets available with higher overall ratings on the playstore and apple store that we recommend.

buy bitcoins with a debit card

Transactions usually take an hour to process according to their website, prices are locked in unless there's a change beyond 2.5%. Bitcoin is very volatile and considered a high-risk investment. It can be likely bitcoin can change at any time, be aware your transaction may be canceled with if bitcoin does make a dramatic change during your purchase.

How to Buy Bitcoins with

Local bitcoins makes it possible to buy bitcoins locally in over 15,000 cities and 248 countries. Buying with cash in person will avoid the high fees being charged online. I found many people near me selling bitcoin with positive feedback, some had thousands of positive tranactions with no bad feedback.

Our final buying bitcoin tips and recommendations

We recommend buying bitcoin using a bank account with, the fee is only 1.49%. The next step after buying bitcoin is learning how to protect your bitcoin investment from dips and maximize your profits possible with bitcoin trading. We created a guide on how to get started with bitcoin trading that can found here.

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