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Screenshot taken 6/22/2017 of 174 current bitcoin to wallet listings currently on

Its quiet incredible how many people are using eBay to sell bitcoins. This is convenient for those who want to buy from a trusted seller that is credible from their feedback on eBay. At this very moment there are 174 different search results on eBay for the keywords "bitcoin to wallet". Upon additional research I discovered there has been over 2000 completed transactions on eBay recently reported. View the image below and click on it to see a live ebay page of recently sold bitcoins. You simply provide them with your wallet address after the purchase via a message on

Over 2000+ sold bitcoin transactions on eBay

Most of the bitcoin sellers on eBay require verified Paypal account holders. Upon the completion of your purchase you need to provide the seller with your bitcoin wallet address via a message on This method allows you to bypass having to upload your ID if your not comfortable with that as many places which exchange bitcoins usually require an ID for a bitcoin purchase.

Screenshot taken 6/22/2017 Click to see recently sold Bitcoin on

Its also quiet interesting to point out many sellers are international such as Japan as seen above. Mining contracts are also available on eBay from some sellers that have 100% positive feedback. One odd thing about a some sellers I've seen requesting a "instant identity verification", however there are only a few on eBay requesting this peculiar request. The majority of the sellers are claiming instant delivery and same day delivery. Always make sure to check the current market value of bitcoins.

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