Privacy Policy

Updated page on June 13, 2017.
This page is dedicated to explaining our privacy policies, learn how we collect and use your data. does not sell your information to any third parties. We utilize any data collected to improve our visitor’s experience.

We will not use or share your information with anyone except as described in this Privacy Policy. We do collect basic information via Google such as screen resolution, city, state, time of visit and how many pages were viewed.

Our website receives cookies from your browser; these cookies are digital information about your web browser, screen resolution, and internet service providers.

We do not collect any person information such as phone numbers, ID, home addresses nor do we request this information at any time.

We will use third party services that provide analytics to help us provide better services to you.

We are 100% compliance with any laws and will provide any information or details requested by any legal entity.

You agree to our Privacy Policy if you stay on our web property as a visitor.

Our privacy policy does not change often. We will change it anytime we need to at any time.

We get paid commission for every new transaction we send to the companies we have listed on our site. A Tracking cookie is placed on your computer for up to 45 days and will only track if you joined a web site we recommended.