Terms and Conditions

Last updated on June 13, 2017.
Our terms and conditions can be found on this page. You must comply to our terms and conditions if you want to visit us.

Our website is using analytical code to obtain our visitors data. The data collected is from a cookie that our website sends to your browser. The data collected includes your browser, screen resolution, your device, internet service provider, city, state, time of visit, pages visited, and where you clicked.

Some of our links will track bitcoin purchases made by you, we are shared a commission based and this is how we fund our operations. We do not have access to your name, address, or age. The cookie only keeps track of bitcoin purchases and new membership made on the bitcoin providers websites.

Our terms and conditions may change at any given time when necessary to do so. We are not obligated for any damages in the event our website is taken over via hacking and any damages are made to you. We do everything in our power to protect our website so you do not have to worry about us getting hacked. We do encourage you to have your own virus protection.

We also will from time to time write about products in exchange for money. We will state when we were paid for a review and if were not then we will also inform you.

You will not conduct any harm to our website such as a DOS attack or anything else in that nature. We really don’t have much more to include here other than please be good and read our terms of conditions. By visiting our website and staying longer than 2 minutes then you agree to our terms and conditions and must obey them to the fullest extent no matter what. You will follow all laws of the land when visiting us as will.